Tenant / Landlord Services
- Marketing and promotion of the property
- Obtain tenants for your property
- Tenant Screening, screen tenants, including credit and background checks
- Issue bills and collect rents
- Ensure each tenant complies with lease
- Manage tenant evictions on as-needed basis
- Tenant Placement

property management costa rica teant turn over rental agreement

property management costa rica maintenance services

Property Maintenance Services
- 24/7 Emergency Contact
- Day-to-day minor repairs
- Mowing, landscaping, trash removal and other groudskeeping services to maintain property appearance
- Ensure that property damage during move-in or move out is eliminated and or compensated
- Coordination of Repairs and Maintenance
- Handle and Process All Tenant Correspondence, Communication and Requests
- Make inventory of current state of your property

Payments and Recordkeeping Services
- Direct deposit of rental income into your bank account
- Reconcile tenant occupancy status and rent receipts on a monthly basis
- Handle payments of all insurance, tax utility repairs and pre-approved expenses
- Provide reports to our accountant or tax advisor
- Processing Collection Letters and Calls in the Event of a Tenant Paying Late

property management costa rica payments services

property management costa rica help with paper work

Help and advice getting papers in order

- Opening Costa Rica bank accounts
- Get Fire Insurance on our investment
- Coordinate tax declarations with the CPA
- Make a goal based plan with you to improve the performance of your investment