We are glad to offer Joint Venture Investing opportunities to our clients.
If you are into real estate investing abroad and want to make a partnership with a likeminded investor who will be handling the day to day knots and bolds of buying and holding real estate for the long term please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.
We have created a profit sharing system where the investor; YOU purchase the property and we of Property Management Costa Rica complete the rehab work at our cost. WE do all the leg work while you enjoy the benefits without the headaches that managing and conditioning a property brings.
The profits will be split 50% to Investor and 50% to Property Management Costa Rica or differently depending on the scenario.
All capital invested is secured by the property with the deed in your name, in other words the investor will hold title to secure his/her investment. For more information please contact us to request information and pictures of our current options.

Benefits of Joint Venture Investing

* You have a general lack of experience or knowledge of all the aspects related to managing a property.
* You’re concerned about the amount of time you have to invest in managing, marketing and maintaining the property.
* You can’t personally oversee the property due to the distance between the rental property and your personal home.