Cash Flow

Have your expenses somehow crept up and hit you by surprise? Do your revenues appear to be stabilizing or perhaps even diminishing? We know a strong bottom line is critical to protecting your investment. Our team of in-house professionals will prepare realistic budgets, keep a handle on expenses and provide creative options for improving your revenues.

Tenants, Turnovers, and Vacancies

Whether they live in a modest low-rise or an upscale high-rise, Gateway tenants are treated with respect. We strive to make them feel like part of the community within their building. It’s amazing what a morning coffee break in the lobby or an occasional free newspaper will do to foster tenant relations. Good relations mean cooperative, satisfied tenants. When they do move out, our “real time” advertising helps us “beat the street” in filling vacancies.

Capital Appreciation

Cap rates rule, right? Your current value is based on income but as the investment wheel turns, we also know that to obtain higher rents you have to offer a better product and beat your competition. We’ll walk you through planned maintenance and capital improvements to ensure your property values remain strong. We’re all about cultivating proud property ownership.

Bookkeeping, Taxes and Contractors

Finding it a challenging to keep up with the books, taxes, and Costa Rican contractors? Feeling that you are always running behind the facts? Are you thinking there must be an easier way? We specialize in planning and coordinating these tasks for you and we will be instrumental in overseeing all facets of owning rental properties in Costa Rica. When you are working with us your days just got easier.